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Pete Wiles

Who was Pete Wiles?

I never knew him.

Was he a runner?

Who gives a shit.

Go out and run it,

Wild Pete Wiles Road.

Go forth and try it,

You seem to be fit.

Run it and tell me,

What was the feeling?

Tell me you liked it,

Let’s see that split.

Damn it, too hilly?

Noooo, not again, sir!

Horses? — They’re beautiful!

Landscape? — A hit!

Beautiful vistas,

Creeks running swiftly,

Wind on the downhills —

Climbing brings grit.

Old Pete Wiles man —

He was an old soul.

He knew the struggles

But he never quit.

Let down your hair, girl,

Open your spirit,

Tighten those shoelaces,

And simply commit.


Sept. 25, 2020

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